Junior barristers at Doughty Street Chambers, London. (Click Here)

Gormless Chief Constable of Scotland Phil Gormley in 2016 allowed Muslim women Police officers to wear the hijab "to encourage" ethnic minority Muslim community participation in the Police Service. He was duped by the zealots.

Nowhere in the Quran or in a single authentic hadith does it say a Muslim woman must cover her hair. So go figure. What Mr Gormley was not told by his Pakistani advisors was that they think Muslim women who go uncovered will be punished by God in the hereafter and bring shame on the family in this life ... for showing their hair in public. Well well ... so does Her Majesty the Queen - defender of the faiths - bring shame on her Christian family for showing the supposed 'sexual appendage' of her hair?



A 2006 Metropolitan Police photo of Muslim Policewomen. The Met Police: duped by the fanatics. Pakistani zealots.



The Myth of the 'Islamic' headscarf